Connecting community, one volunteer at a time 

Our philosophy is simple – from community for community. Following The Sirolli Institute methodology, we provide practical business support, on a strictly confidential basis. We help connect local entrepreneurs in and around the Darling Square community. 

Lendlease has developed the new urban neighbourhood at Darling Square, and understands it isn’t the laying of the last brick which signals success. A thriving resilient and diverse community, many years from now is the goal. 

Lendlease is proud to help bring together the initial Bright team, and to make Bright known to the world through this supported website. The team is made up of a diverse group of individuals who come from all over the Sydney community, and bring with them their extensive knowledge and personal contacts. Lendlease hopes that their knowledge and insight will help local entrepreneurs (whom we also refer to as ‘clients’ of the Bright team) in succeeding in their area of passion. 

This program is proud to be actively seeking clients of all abilities and diversity groups. 

The Sirolli Institute Methodology
With 35 years practice in global communities the Sirolli Enterprise Facilitation methodology provides a social application for sustainable local economic development. The methodology uses psychology to change the way you do business.  Enterprise Facilitation puts the entrepreneur and their passion first and forms a competent team to bring the idea to market successfully. Enterprise Facilitation targets attracting and harnessing the self-motivation, and intelligence of entrepreneurs. Through community networks, one-on-one counselling and strategic guidance, we practice the Trinity of Management, to focus on the three most important competencies of any business: product or service, marketing and financial management. Facilitated business start strong and thrive

The Bright Business Program is very proud to have Dr. Ernesto Sirolli as our Patron. Your Facilitator, with support  from the voluntary bright* Resource Team and Advisory Group, is by your side to support every step of the way. So if you have a dream and are motivated to putting in the hard work, you’ll be up and running in no time. 

“New city developments, no matter how beautiful, are by necessity populated by strangers. Lendlease has made the conscious effort to build a thriving, diverse and vibrant community by responding to the new passionate entrepreneurs who want to live, work or recreate in Darling Square. I am delighted to be part of the BRIGHT project and congratulate Lendlease for its vision; everybody can build buildings but it takes great insight to build a community.” Dr. Ernesto Sirolli 
For emerging and established entrepreneurs
  • Getting help identifying road blocks 
  • Being able to quickly identify your skills 
  • Help you find the right business partner   
  • Being part of a dynamic and inclusive local business community 
Local Business Community
  • Easy and friendly way to connect with others in this new community 
  • Use your experience and skillsets to support business you’re inspired by 
  • Collaborate, learn from people from all walks of life
  • Watch great ideas grow and see them go on to perform in the marketplace  
  • A sense of fulfillment by supporting others

Above all, our mission is to support you. Help you overcome any barriers and limitations on your way to success, while leaving you and your team in total control of your choices and celebrating your strengths, motivation and passion. Every member of the Bright team of volunteers is asked to keep all confidential discussions just that - confidential.

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