Unlocking the potential of business and community around Darling Square

The Darling Square, Ultimo, Haymarket catchment is a vibrant location with a remarkable community- In these challenging times, lets shine a light on our talent. 

The Digital High Street aims to make tangible all that connects us as humans in this unique community by spotlighting the skills, talent, expertise and creativity of our businesses, residents and community members... in real time 

The Digital High Street is where you can plug into the action and the authentic voices that make up our community 

We have assembled 3 streams of community generated content, spotlighting the Darling Square community. the people/ the food/ the businesses/ the ideas and creativity that abounds in this special place 

In these challenging times we seek to amplify our community’s voices and offerings and importantly keep us all connected, because with community + creativity all things are possible. 


Community generated content covering all things aligned to wellbeing and creative expression. From short accessible street dance tutorials, guided meditation and yoga to stories for kids, including articles, tips and offerings to support mental and physical wellbeing.


Community generated content providing Information and education that examines and responds to the challenges and emerging conditions in work, business, innovation, technology. In the Bright business community, we have founders and affiliates focused on being at the forefront of the new economy. Think. Bright* is where you can access not only their ideas and offerings, but those of the wider catchment community. Because Darling Square is a place where ideas come to life.


Community generated content that spotlights the businesses in Darling square, how they are travelling in this time of physical distancing and what they have available. Our incredible food, restaurants, cafes, bars and eateries sharing what inspires them, their expertise and the human story behind their shopfront. Connecting us all to real time deals and offers related to delivery, special menus and loyalty programs.