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Unlocked series by Harness projects: Interview with Tammy Marshall

Mike O’Brien speaks to Tammy Marshall from The BHive about the work her consultancy is
doing with the hospitality, entertainment, travel and tourism industries during COVID-19, and what organisations in these sectors must do to ensure their future sustainability
Interview with Tammy Marshall, The Bhive
Bright & Attention Experts collaborate on free 3 part webinar

A well planned social media strategy can make or break a brand. Communicating through Social Media has never been more crucial for small business. We’re excited to host a free webinar series 'Social Media Basics for Small Business' with Sophia Choi from The Attention Experts.⁣

The webinar will cover key areas in social media planning and content strategy for small business, what’s effective and what doesn’t work, and how you can leverage the current trends to build content for different platforms.⁣

Webinar was held on :⁣ 
Tuesday 2nd June @ 12:00pm⁣
Tuesday 9th June @ 12:00pm ⁣
Tuesday 16th June @ 12:00pm ⁣

You can access the Zoom recordings of the Webinar series here
Introducing Conexie & their notice board feature

𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗲𝘅𝗶𝗲 is a communication tool designed for people with a common purpose, who are not always on the same platform 
Conexie brings people together when it matters

Conexie are specialists in strata management and communication, Conexie allows you to resolve issues, answer questions or provide solutions to a problem in real time with immediacy and extra features to enhance the safety and wellbeing of multi tennanted spaces. ⁣

Check out the latest update made to the app in the video
Pioneer Designer : Mike O'Brien from Harness Projects

Today on #𝗣𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗲𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗼𝗳𝗕𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁, we have Michael O’Brien - Co-founder and Director of Harness Projects - an online experiential learning platform that unites talent and industry through real world projects. ⁣

Mike is a designer who’s passionate about the future of work and learning. ⁣

He strongly believes that to create memorable experiences - both offline and online, you need to put the user at the centre and design with the intention to take people on a journey. ⁣

Always keen to learn more, Mike is inspired by new combinations and collaborations to drive a sustainable future. He is committed to removing the gap between education and industry and making the future of education more exciting, accessible and empowering for both learners and companies. ⁣

We're excited to share "Unlocked": a content series created by the Harness team in the coming weeks! ⁣
You can find Mike’s work here
Pioneer Makers: Gautam Pingali & Hardik Trevedi from BlockLock

Today on our #PioneersofBright feature we have the dynamic duo from  BlockLock team, Gautam Pingali and Hardik Trivedi.

BlockLock is a simple and creative solution to your backpack safety problems. No matter what you have in your bag, BlockLock can safeguard your personal belongings.

Here's some background info on the team:

An avid hiker, backpacker and traveller who spends more time planning holidays than anything else. Gautam recently embarked on the biggest journey of his life and submitted his PhD. He now embarks on a new journey with BlockLock. BlockLock came to life after Gautam's camera was stolen from inside his backpack while travelling.

With a background in mechanical engineering, Hardik is a Mechanical Design Consultant, skilled at various CAD packages. He is passionate about innovation, product designing and UX designing. He joined BlockLock with an ambition to provide a more secure & positive travel experience to backpackers, hikers and travellers.

Interested in BlockLock?
Check out their work at Facebook
Check out their work at Instagram
Check out their work at Linkedin
Pioneer Change - Maker Profile on Mariam Mohammed
Mariam Mohammed

Mariam Mohammed

Today on #pioneersofBright, we have MoneyGirl founder Mariam Mohammed. Mariam is a community developer and change-maker with a formidable trajectory so far. Mariam was the youngest ever president of SUPRA (Sydney University Post Grad. Representative Assoc.),recogniSed by the Australian Financial Review in the 2019 100 “Women of Influence” list and she co-founded MoneyGirl @MONEYGIRLAUS in 2019.

MoneyGirl is a social enterprise focused on making financial education and literacy more accessible and fun for Young Australian women. 

The MoneyGirl vision is to empower every single woman to.
Actively design her pathway to freedom.
Set her freedom goals.
Have the knowledge to achieve those goals.

MoneyGirl are currently  launching their online "first 5 steps to financial independence" course.

No doubt, this type of learning  is an absolute game changer for young women.

Interested in MoneyGirl?

Facebook: @MoneyGirlAU
Instagram: @MoneyGirlAU
LinkedIn: @MoneyGirlAU
Twitter: @MoneyGirlAU

Interested to learn more about Mariam?

Facebook: @MoneyMariam (Public Page)
Instagram: @MoneyMariam
LinkedIn: @MoneyMariam
Twitter: @MoneyMariam


Money Girl Live with Kate Crowhurst: COVID 19 Stimulus Package
Kate Crowhurst

This clip is the first in a series of posts by Money Girl Looking at the challenges faced by International Students in the wake of COVID19.

See the whole session here

Harness Projects Blog Post
Harness projects

To support Bright’s Digital High Street initiative, Harness Projects will be creating a range of video interviews with thought leaders, futurists, local business owners, entrepreneurs and creative minds. Check out their thoughts about the Digital High Street initiative on the Harness blog
All That Connects Us

In our new reality of social constraint, physical distancing, and impending economic fallout, the pandemic has enveloped us all. As a response we are creating a dynamic content hub to shine a light on the skills, talent, offerings & expertise in Darling Square, Ultimo & Haymarket.

Visit All That Connects Us by Merenia Marin
Pioneer Inventor Profiles on Jill Church and Gwen Rowland from Wrap me Cool
Jill Church and Gwen Rowland from Wrap me Cool


Meet our resident innovators  Jill  Church and Gwen Roland, the founders of WrapMeCool.

Together they have come up with a unique product that is designed to provide instant relief to those suffering from the discomfort and distress of excess body heat. The WrapMeCool scarves and neck wraps are worn damp and provide instant relief for anybody suffering from Heat stress.

Between them Jill & Gwen have 45 years experience in healthcare. Jill is a passionate Registered Nurse with 35 years experience, her diverse career has included Intensive Care, Neurological nursing and Palliative Care. She is also highly recognised as a professional nursing educator. Gwen is certified to provide in-home palliative care and her volunteer work led her to serving on the board of Advocates for Care Reform, a not for profit organisation that advocated for seniors living in residential care.

Their entrepreneurial journey has truly begun, and they are a vital part of the Bright community! Jill and Gwen hope to be able to share their experience and mentor other women entrepreneurs.

Visit WrapMeCool
Instagram WrapMeCool
Facebook WrapMeCool