Community generated content covering all things aligned to well-being and creative expression. The Darling Square, Ultimo and Haymarket catchment is a dynamic and supportive place for creatives and we hope to shine a light on this.

With the Wellness content stream we hope to provide our users with articles, stories, videos and opportunities to increase their well-being and connection to the local community. From short accessible street dance tutorials, guided meditation and yoga, child / family focused content, including notifications and information on events and initiatives that support and promote mental and physical well-being.


Pioneer Fashion Curator Profile: Jonathan Winnicki of Vintage Id

Vintage Id is a provider of Vintage Fashion, founded by Parisian, Jonathan Winnicki . 

Vintage Id, is where you will find an eclectic range of sustainable Vintage fashion including items from the 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s up to current designer pieces 

Jonathan grew up in the streets of Mont Martre and has 15 years experience in the Vintage fashion industry in Paris. 

Now Jonathan brings his instinct, eye and expertise to Australia with the launch of Vintage Id. A popular feature of Glebe Markets, Jonathan is excited to expand his curated range into the online space. 

Check out Vintage id Depop page
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The Digital High Street congratulates Lucy Marin on being awarded the Order of Australia medal

After fleeing her own homeland, this woman dedicated her life to supporting Australia's refugees.

Lucy Marin fled troubled Chile for Australia in her 20s and has spent her career as a counsellor committed to relieving the trauma of people from refugee backgrounds. It has now seen her awarded a Queen’s Birthday honour.

Read in SBS News

Pioneer Social impactor Profile: Natalie Yan Chatonsky CEO of Full Time Lives

Inspired by her International research on aging populations and conversations with her baby-boomer parents on how to make a smooth transition from their full time paid work, Natalie Yan-Chatonsky co-founded Full Time Lives

She has been applying a human-centred design approach to understand how to help pre-retirees and retirees lead meaningful, healthy and connected lives.

Natalie is a social impact entrepreneur. Collaborating with organisations to meet their customers’ unmet needs while adapting to disruption has been a recurring theme throughout her career. She has had an extensive career as a product innovator and plays an active role driving the diversity and inclusion agenda in Australia.

Natalie continues her research around the world to understand the emotional and functional needs of people to find new market opportunities and design new products and services.

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Check out Natalie's Linkedin
Artist Feature :The incredible night sky installation under the overpass in Darling Square by Indigenous Artist Jake Nash

Jake Nash is a Murri man who studied at NIDA before joining Bangarra Dance Theatre. He is currently the head of Design at Bangarra. ⁣

In this short clip, Jake talks about his work, an installation near Darling square, “The Canopy” - how the idea has connection with the land, and how the night sky inspired him. ⁣

This year marks the 𝟮𝟱𝟬𝘁𝗵 𝘆𝗲𝗮𝗿 since Captain Cook landed on our shores in Botany Bay in April 1770. ⁣

As he reflects on his creation, Jake asks some timely questions;⁣

  • What have we learned as a nation?⁣ ⁣
  • Where are we headed as a nation?⁣ ⁣
  • How do we reconcile our past and present? ⁣

We’re at a crucial point in our collective story and we have the power to write a healing and positive future together. ⁣

In his words: “We cannot change the past, but we can change the future. We can change the stories we tell about our past, and reconcile the history we have with truths”⁣

Watch this short informative video from this incredible Indigenous artist YouTube
Check out Jack Nash Website
Bright Business Feature: Susie Sierra Luxury Facial Oils

𝗦𝗜𝗘𝗥𝗥𝗔 𝗚𝗢𝗟𝗗 face oils are infused with 24 carat gold for bright, radiant skin. Rich and potent flower and plant extracts rejuvenate skin, improving texture and repairing imperfections. The alchemy of gold contains rich antioxidants which stimulate blood flow, firming and improving elasticity.⁣

Every purchase of a 30ml bottle of Sierra Gold face oil comes with a 5ml bottle of corresponding face oil. For example, if you purchase 30mls of Sierra Gold Evening face oil, you will receive a 5ml bottle of Sierra Gold Morning face oil and vice versa.

Check out Susie's Website
Tight 5 Comedy Feature Video: Learning Life Skills from Comedy with Psychologist Jonathan David

Psychologist Jonathan David talks about how doing stand up comedy and how he applies the lessons to his day to day life - whether it’s speaking to people, or anything else! —- Follow @tight5comedyshow for curated humour, and celebrate #comediansofcolour in Sydney, hailing from Australia, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Jonathan David's YouTube
Deepak Dhessi from Tight 5 Comedy
Deepak Dhessi

How does comedy have an impact beyond the stage? - and in your daily life?

Deepak Dhessi from Tight 5 comedy shared his experience and thoughts on how this influences his daily life and the positive effect of taking his comic timing from the stage to his interactions with people in his daily life. Do you feel like this would have a similar affect in your life?

Deepak Dhessi YouTube
Tight 5 Comedy Show Facebook
Tight 5 Comedy Show Instagram
Introducing The Centre for Hope
Centre for hope

Introducing The Centre for Hope. A special place built with a mission to empower young people and give them a sense of possibility and hope. This committed Not-For-Profit organisation is working with the Bright Business Program to bring its service offerings to the Ultimo / Haymarket / Darling Square catchment.

In founder Geraldine Moran’s words: “I started Centre for Hope after seeing the need for a young person to be heard…we have created a space for open communication and sharing.” Learn more about their mission and heart for working with disadvantaged young people regardless of race, culture, socio-economic setting or education.

Centre for Hope YouTube
Centre for Hope Facebook
Centre for Hope Instagram
Pioneer Game Changer Profile: Tina Zaman Tight 5 Comedy
Tina Zaman

As we roll out our content in the next few weeks and share aspects of the different businesses through the DigitalHighStreet another of our #PioneersOfBright profiles.

All those featured have one thing in common: A willingness to serve their community through these talents, a hunger to learn and grow and a resilience to strive through challenges.

Today we’re so proud to feature the inimitable Tina Zaman.

She’s been in business for all of one year and in that time, she has (amongst a list of things!)
1. Set up an artist development program
2. Mentored 20 comedians into paid work 
3. Established the Tight 5 Comedy writer’s room mentorship mechanism 
4. Tina has run 3 ‘Your Brain on Comedy writing workshops’ -Tina, we’re so pleased you’re part of this community and can’t wait to see what you do next!

Tina's Instagram
World Monologue Games
World Monologue Games

The Monologue Project are calling out all the talented actor/ performers in Darling Square,Ultimo and Haymarket!
The World Monologue Games is a global performing arts event run entirely by video and live stream, allowing professional and budding actors from anywhere in the world to participate from their homes.
250,000 people are involved globally already!

The aim is to provide entertainment for the millions of people in lock down and to pay as many performers as possible. 
Check out The Monologue Project site for more information on this event and other initiatives that might support any budding creatives

Visit World Monologue Games